About Us

UBM Law Group, LLP provides business, corporate, and commercial real estate legal counsel to a variety of enterprises. We understand the importance of working toward a solution while being mindful of the bottom line.

Most small to mid-sized businesses cannot justify the expense of full-time in-house counsel and suffer for it by not staying ahead of potential problems. We strive to bring the benefits of in-house counsel to our clients without the associated cost.

Our attorneys all have significant prior experience serving as in-house counsel and appreciate that every legal matter has a broader business context to consider. Having worked on the 'inside', we appreciate the priorities and concerns that often arise when using outside attorneys and we apply that knowledge both to our legal approach as well as to our billing practices.

We have experience handling a wide spectrum of issues across a diverse set of industries. From negotiating and drafting contracts to commercial real estate acquisitions and refinancings, our attorneys will provide sound legal assistance.

While we are comfortable assisting in single projects, we enjoy establishing long-term relationships with our clients. Our in-house experience has taught us that understanding our clients' business as well as the legal issues involved allows us to best tailor our services to our clients' needs.